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Andante - Johann Sebastian Bach (mp3 - 2.92mb)
Adagio - Alessandro Marcello (mp3 - 4.10mb)
Quelle espoir - Gabriel Bataille (mp3 - 1.53mb)
Sound the trumpet - Henry Purcell (mp3 - 2.45mb)

New samples

Quelle espoir - Gabriel Bataille (mp3 - 821kb)
Beata progenie - Leonel Power (mp3 - 3mb)
Verdi Prati - Georg Frideric Handel (mp3 - 2mb)
Go chrystal tears - John Dowland (mp3 - 3mb)
Gallardas - Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz (mp3 - 783kb)
Captain Piper's Pavan - John Dowland (mp3 - 2mb)
Domine Deus - Johann Sebastian Bach (mp3 - 2mb)
Columba aspexit - Hildegard of Bingen (mp3 - 753kb)
In te domine speravi - Josquin de Prez (mp3 - 2mb)
Ballet - Michael Praetorius (mp3 - 988kb)
Volte - Michael Praetorius (mp3 - 676kb)
My dearest, my fairest - Henry Purcell (mp3 - 834kb)
Allemande - Georg Frideric Handel (mp3 - 835kb)
Ricordate mio ben - Georg Frideric Handel (mp3 - 3mb)
Zarabanda - Anon Spanish (mp3 - 2mb)

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